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InGoodHands Plastic Surgery Thailand

In Good Hands is an Australian founded service center for cosmetic and plastic surgery in Thailand. We are dedicated to personalized care, bringing men and women from all over the globe, closer to their self-image through naturally aesthetic and youthful results.

Cosmetic procedures in Thailand are safe and affordable.

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Take A Photo

The very first step to become a successful candidate for your preferred procedure is to provide our surgeon with the photo of your concern area(s). For photo guideline, click here…

Evaluation Form

After taken your pictures, feel free to complete our online surgical evaluation form to request for initial recommendation from the surgeon(s) who will be performing your preferred procedure(s).

Surgical Recommendation

Your surgeon will likely to reply back within 7-10 days after your pictures and evaluation form has been submitted.

Make A Booking

You can travel and have the treatment at anytime all year round. Just whenever it suits you.

Easy Steps To Be You

4 Steps before you fly & 4 Steps when you're in Thailand

This will help you to understand the process of having surgery oversea without confusion. We try to make everything as possible as we can to make your wish come true. We work harder and looking forward to see smiles from our clients and their beloved ones.

Get Picked Up

Once everything get organised and you are ready to go. Just stay relaxed and enjoy your travel. Our hospital staffs will stand by to assist you during your time in Thailand.

Ready To Be You!

After you have completed a face to face consultation with your surgeon and all your pre-surgery health check-up results have been approved, Then it’s time for the change!

24 Hr Nursing

Our partner hospitals provide 24 hr nursing service during your hospital stay.

Fly Home With Confidence

Before leaving Thailand, you will be requested to revisit the hospital for post surgery check-up. This is to assure that all your treatment went well and you will reach home safely without complications.

Today’s Top Procedures

Here is a sample of our most popular procedures. Click for more information and local prices.


With our care there is no compromise on quality. For every individual the highest level of satisfaction is paramount to us; from the day you leave your home country to the day you return. During your stay, you can rest assured knowing you are in the hands of a world class surgeon while administered to one of our state-of-the-art hospitals. In essence it is through this philosophy and our commitment to you that we provide not a mere service, but an experience unmatched by any agency in Thailand.

Our aims are your Wellbeing & Improvement.

Advantages of choosing our service

  • Up to a 70% cheaper worldwide on ALL procedures
  • FREE surgeon’s evaluation consultation
  • FREE 24 hr emergency contact support
  • FREE Personal Mobile phone and Simcard to use during your  stay in Thailand
  • FREE procedure and aftercare information material
  • FREE English speaking personal contact
  • No service charges
  • No cancellation charges